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Creating With Colors: Coloring From Memory

Since this is our very first "Creating With Colors" post, I wanted to make it simple and to ease our children into thinking about colors. Although my son does not do this now, he use to color a whole picture in just one color. No matter how much I encouraged him to use a variety of colors, to my dismay, he never felt inclined to. Luckily he has grown out of this monochromatic way of thinking.

Today's Project: Coloring From Memory

Ask your child to color in the picture using the actual colors of each item as he or she can best recall. Encourage your child to pay attention to the details.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Coloring Book or Coloring Pages (You can find an endless supply to print online for free)
  2. Washable Markers (Substitute with color pencils if you don't have any markers on hand)

We used Colorations Super Washable Classic Markers - Set of 16 and Giant Disney Cars Movie Coloring Pages, which you can find locally at most places that sell toys and basic art supplies.

Colorations Super Washable Classic Markers - Set of 16

TIP #1: To ensure that your child gets the most out of this activity, try to choose a picture that has both a somewhat detailed main subject and background, but do keep in mind your child's age and skill level.

TIP #2: Encourage your child to take his or her time and to have patience. Remind them that the end result will be worth it. If you child tires easily, it's perfectly fine to take a break and come back to finish the picture later.

TIP #3: Take a photo of your child with his or her masterpiece. Tell them how proud you are that they really took their time and point out your favorite parts of their artwork. Email the photo to their favorite relative to reinforce how pleased you are of the end result.

A BIG thank you to whoever invented washable markers!

Thank you to Discount School Supply for supplying us with washable markers for this project.