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Review: SuperSoft BabyLegs

Since there is a constant fight over who gets to use the cuddly chenille throw pillows in our house, I knew the minute I saw these SuperSoft BabyLegs that my daughter would fall in love with them. I've also found that she is happiest when she is wearing a skirt or a dress. This is fine in warm weather, but I don't like to let her wear them very often in the fall and winter months. That's when it occurred to me that BabyLegs, a modern take on leg warmers, could be a way to make us both happy.

What I thought about our SuperSoft Cotton Candy BabyLegs:

1) These SuperSoft BabyLegs are incredibly plush and soft. My daughter refused to take them off the first time we tried them on her.

2) This Cotton Candy pink is very easy to coordinate with the rest of my daughter's wardrobe.

3) As you can see the BabyLegs fit my 2.5yr old daughter well and she has plenty of room to grow. They do not fall down at all.

4) Like most chenille-type products, these particular BabyLegs are hand wash only, which is not very convenient for a busy mom like me. Sadly, this is the price one must pay to have the softness of chenille.

5) I prefer BabyLegs over tights for two reasons . . . I do not have to worry about BabyLegs falling down like her tights do (which actually causes her training pants to fall down too) and I do not have to be concerned over her slipping on the tile and hardwood floors in our home.

I would definitely be interested in purchasing additional BabyLegs for my daughter. It is the best solution for keeping my daughter's legs warm during the cooler months while she is wearing her skirts and dresses at home. I will have to find out if there are certain types that are machine washable.

You can shop worldwide for BabyLegs at the BabyLegs Store, as well as locally and online where fine children's clothing and gifts are sold. If you have not yet signed up for the BabyLegs eNewsletter, you can receive 10% off your next order by doing so.

Thank you to BabyLegs for providing us with a review product free of charge.