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Review: Sumo Bean Bag Chair

In a household with five people, it is often difficult to find a place to lounge while watching television or reading a book. Often times the sofa is already spoken for and our hardwood floors are not the most comfortable place to relax no matter how many pillows one uses.

I searched for a long time to find a solution that was best for a family with 3 young children. We needed something that was comfortable, informal, somewhat portable, and did not take up too much space. That's when I came across this super-sized Sumo bean bag chair.

What I thought about our Sumo Omni bean bag pillow/chair:

1) Although the pillow measures approximately 4-1/2 x 5-1/2 feet while lying flat, it only takes up as much room as a small armless chair when it's sitting on its side. This is nice because we are short on space in our little shoebox of a townhouse.

2) I like that it is very manageable to move, The Omni actually only weighs about 18lbs. It is very easy to pick up and put on the sofa when we need the extra floor space.

3) The chair is made of durable PVC-coated nylon that wipes clean easily. Both these are very important features for a household with three children, 4 cats, and one elderly dog.

4) The Omni is very comfortable and conforms to your body shape, but manages to never flatten out. It is filled with polystyrene foam balls.

5) I like that the bag is refillable, but at the same time it is sealed very well. There is a zipper that is hidden behind a very wide super industrial strip of Velcro that I can barely manage to open partially. I have no worries at all that my children will ever manage to open it.

6) I would say this chair would be comfortable for one adult. How many children it can accommodate depends on the size of the children. In our house, I am very pleased to report that the Omni can hold . . .

Not Just One

Not Just Two

Not Just Three

But FOUR Kids!

(Where did that big one in the middle come from?)

Overall, I am extremely pleased with our Omni chair. This chair has taken a lot of abuse and does not show any signs of distress. Now when I look for a place to sit down, there is always a spot on the sofa because everyone else is fighting over the Omni chair. If we ever move to a new house that has a playroom, I won't bother to spend $600 to $800 on a sofa. I would definitely pick up two or three of these and save myself some money.

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