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Review: Stephen Joseph Gifts Rolling Backpack

If you've read my blog before, then you probably already know we are all huge fans of monkeys in our house. If we had the room, we would probably have one for a pet . . . well, maybe not. In any case, I find it difficult to resist monkeys on clothing, on bedding, plush monkeys, etc . . . you name it.

Amongst the adorable themed children's gifts and decor offered by Stephen Joseph Gifts, there is a wide array of monkey items. In addition to the rolling backpack featured here, there are monkey lunch boxes, wall hooks, bedding, soft backpacks, duffle bags, book ends, and many more items than I could name. Not crazy about monkeys? I bet you'll find another theme that suits you in the Stephen Joseph Gifts boutique.

What my family and I thought about this Rolling Monkey Backpack:

1) In the words of my husband, we all agreed that it is "Cute as heck!"

2) As you can see, the workmanship is of the highest quality. Each seam and stitch on the smooth leather-like bag is perfect. There are no loose threads or drops of glue, as one might find on a bag of lesser quality.

3) I think it is very clever that the ends of the adjustable straps on the backpack can be secured to the bag with Velcro rather than having them dangle loosely.

4) The detail of the curly tail adds to the whimsical nature of this bag.

5) Although the pull handle is textured for better grip, my 5yr old son says that the handle is too narrow and is hard for him to hold. So perhaps a more rounded or a thicker handle would be better for small hands to grab onto.

6) The wheels offer toddlers and preschoolers a sense of independence. If the bag is too heavy for them to carry, they can easily pull the handle up and roll the bag along as they walk.

7) On the same note, I like that this bag can be freestanding. This is very helpful for young children while they are trying to put things in or take things out of the bag.

8) This bag is perfect for an overnight bag. Ours is going to be the designated toy bag for when we visit relatives' houses for dinners and other occasions. I would not use this bag for school because it would need to be sized slightly larger than a standard folder or notebook. This bag is just a hair too small to accommodate even basic school supplies.

To view the full line of Stephen Joseph products, please visit . You can shop there online or locally at select retailers of children's gift items. Use the Stephen Joseph Store Finder to search for a retailer near you.

Thank you to Stephen Joseph Gifts for providing us with a review product free of charge.