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Review: See Kai Run Mary Jane Shoes

Our daughter is only 2-1/2 yrs old and she has already developed quite a love for shoes. I think my husband and I will be in trouble in the coming years when it comes time to support this love.

We have only ever owned one pair of leather toddler shoes from See Kai Run. They were actually boots and I just adored them. Unfortunately, my daughter was too young at the time to give me her feedback regarding the fit and the feel of those boots.

Luckily, we were recently presented with a chance to review a pair of pink Mary Janes called the "Sofia" from See Kai Run. This time my daughter is old enough to know what she likes and what she doesn't like and she is not afraid to voice her opinion.

What I thought about these girls shoes as a parent:

1) I cannot get over how buttery soft the leather is. (Why can't they make these for adults?)

2) Being someone who grew up with pointy-toed shoes, I can appreciate the importance of the wide rounded toe on these shoes.

3) I like the traction on the flexible soles. These are designed much better than Mary Janes that have slippery leather soles.

4) I also like the simple appearance of these shoes. They are suitable to wear with a dress for semi-formal occasions, but also fit to wear with jeans on the playground.

5) The Velcro along the strap actually spans the top of the foot and is not just a little tab on the side. Once the straps are fastened, it is nearly impossible for the shoe to fall off.

What my daughter thought about her new leather Mary Janes:

1) She was absolutely delighted when she saw them and pretty much tore through the tissue to get them out of the shoebox.

2) I asked her if they felt comfortable and she nodded her head emphatically.

3) She protested and cried when it was time to take the shoes off and get ready for bed.

Overall, I am very pleased with the design and quality of See Kai Run shoes. If these Mary Janes hold up as well as the boots we already had, then I will be more than satisfied. If you need kids shoes for summer or back-to-school, currently See Kai Run offers flat rate shipping within the U.S. of only $6.50 for orders under $60. For U.S. orders of $60 or more, you will receive Free Shipping!

Thank you to See Kai Run for providing us with a review product free of charge.