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Review: Radio Flyer Pack & Go Canopy Wagon

Twintuitive Product #9

I chose this red wagon made by Radio Flyer to feature as a "TWINtuitive Product" because, as the reality of my oldest son starting kindergarten this fall began to set in, I started to wonder how in the world I was going to take the twins to and from the bus stop with us twice a day five days a week. It was going to be no easy task, especially during New England winters. In addition to transporting children, this Radio Flyer wagon would also be perfect for those who need to walk their children to school. Since the seats fold down, this wagon could unburden both the adult and the child by carrying the heavy books, lunches, and school projects during their commute on foot.

When you think of a little red wagon, you probably only think about carefree summers, but this wagon is going to be put to work during the other three seasons. By the way, this wagon is not so little. It actually measures over 3 feet in length, not including the handle.

What my family and I thought about the new Pack & Go Canopy Wagon from Radio Flyer:

1) This wagon was easy to put together. The assembly took all of 15 minutes.

2) The interior is very roomy. It can fit two toddlers comfortable and can just fit one toddler and one kindergartner. There would not be enough leg room for two kindergartners.

3) I like that the backs of the seats fold down to create a platform for transporting things that need to sit on a flat surface.

4) The safety belts are a must to use. They help to keep my twin toddlers from standing up while the wagon is moving. Plus I've also discovered that toddlers like to hang out the side to look at the ground as it passes.

5) There are two molded cup holders inside the wagon and two on the outside near the base of the handle. This is more than enough for two passengers and one "driver".

6) I love that there is extra storage provided by a nylon pack that resembles a backpack. It folds into a self-contained pouch when not in use. There is even an insulated compartment to keep things cool during warm weather. Because it attaches to one of the back supports, this pouch can only be used when the back is upright.

7) The tires on this wagon offer a pretty smooth ride and we've found that the wagon is extremely easy to pull. Our kindergartner can pull the Pack & Go with both twins in it without problems.

8) I also like that this wagon has a very tight turning radius.

9) The canopy clips into place and can be removed without too much effort. It protects the passengers from harmful UV rays. I am looking forward to testing it out in windy, rainy, and snowy conditions.

10) One last thing I want to point out is that the handle remains upright when you put it in that position. This is important to me because it is a space-saver. It would also be a tripping hazard or could hit someone if it always fell down.

Please take a minute to watch the Pack & Go Canopy Wagon in action . . .

Look for this wagon and other Radio Flyer products online and locally where quality toys are sold.

Thank you to Radio Flyer for providing us with a review product free of charge.