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Review: Piggy Paint Nail Polish & Remover

In a time when so many people are committing to giving their young children a chemical-free life, a product like Piggy Paint is most welcome. Created by stay-at-home mom Melanie Hurley, this revolutionary water-based kids nail polish and nail polish remover are both non-toxic and odorless.

Piggy Paint is made of natural ingredients and is free of acetate, acetone, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. Their motto is "natural as mud." The Piggy Paint polish remover is free of the solvents you are normally so concerned about your children inhaling or swallowing.

What I thought about Piggy Paint natural nail polish and natural polish remover:

1) I liked that the polish was quick-drying. That is especially important for wiggly toddler toes.

2) I recommend that you follow the instructions of 2 to 3 coats. Because the blue was so dark, I tried to get away with only one coat and the polish started to chip off my active toddler's toes in just one day.

3) I like that the brushes are not too full. It makes it much easier to paint on tiny toes.

4) With 14 different colors, every little girl is sure to find several that she likes.

5) The remover worked well with removing the Piggy Paint polish. I had a tough time getting the blue off around the cuticle area though. I think that will be true with most dark nail polishes.

6) The Piggy Paint remover also works on regular non-Piggy Paint nail polish. It is slightly weaker than regular nail polish remover, but it is worth a little extra rubbing to have the peace of mind of a non-toxic remover.

7) Finally, I love that the remover is odorless. It took me years before I could get use to the toxic smell of regular nail polish remover. I use to have to turn my head away and hold my breath before I used it on each nail.

What my 2.5yr old daughter thought about using Piggy Paints:

1) I was worried that she would be too young to sit still through the drying process, but she did very well and only touched her toes once.

2) Every morning, one of the first things she would do was to check to see if her toes were still blue.

3) Even at this age, I think my daughter likes to feel pretty. It also makes her feel special that her twin brother and older brother do not get to paint their toe nails.

I think it's safe to say that Piggy Paints is a winner in our house. I have a strong feeling that Santa is going to be leaving some in my daughter's stocking this year for Christmas.

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Thank you to Piggy Paint for providing us with review products free of charge.