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Review: Mimobot Designer USB Flash Drive

I have long had a fascination for art that is functional. That is exactly what these collectible designer flash drives from Mimobot are. These unique USB flash drives are full of personality and allow you to express yours.

Available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB of memory, these little characters are suitable for computer users from teenagers all the way up to the oldest Star Wars fan. I fell in love with this Golden Panda from the first moment I saw it. It is just so . . . me!

What I thought about my Mimobot flash drive:

1) I thought it was adorable! I have always had a soft spot for panda bears and my children have shared that sentiment since they've watched Kungfu Panda for the first time.

2) Because this flash drive has a cap as opposed to being retractable, I decided to use it to store all my raw video footage. This is something I may only have to access a few times a week.

3) I moved 1.6GB of video from my computer to the flash drive and it took about 7 minutes, which seems like typical speed to me.

4) I liked that accessing my files on this flash drive was quick (even on my old laptop).

5) Some of the Mimobot flash drives come with a Spacesuit protoHoodie like the one shown below. Although the cap on the flash drive snaps on extremely securely, I like that keeping it in this little spacesuit keeps my little Golden Panda safe and intact.

6) The lobster claw can attach your Mimobot to almost anything. I hooked it onto the zipper pull of my DayRunner. This keeps it handy, but it's also a fun ornament as well.

Aside from obviously being functional, these flash drives are just plain fun! I would love to see this Gold protoHoodie on the Ewok from the Star Wars flash drives series. My husband might be getting an 8GB Darth Maul in his stocking this year for Christmas. Santa hasn't made up her his mind yet.

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