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Review: Learning From Home on

For a long time, my husband has been interested in learning more about computer science and programming. He's purchased books about C+ and about Java, but it is difficult to learn straight from a book with no interaction. For this reason, he welcomed the opportunity to try out the home education services on .

The Educator website offers a wide variety of courses in the areas of mathematics, science, and computer sciences. Some of the most popular courses include basic ones like Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and General Chemistry, but some advanced placement courses are also offered, such as AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics. Out of the eleven courses available under Computer Science, my husband chose to conquer Java.

What my husband thought about

1) It was extremely easy to get started. Once registered, you simply select the module you would like to start with.

2) He thought Professor Ghyam (the Java instructor) was very animated and kept a good pace. He was not monotone and used a very conversational approach.

3) He liked that you can skip ahead or repeat each video session as often as you would like.

4) The layout of the site is very user-friendly.

5) Since the site does not allow you to ask questions on the spot, my husband feels that the course he took (Java) cannot stand alone, but would rather be a better tool as a supplement to a programming book.

6) Although there is a discussion section, there were no other participants on during the times my husband was logged on.

7) The "Exercise Files" did not contain any practice problems yet. If it had, this would have been more helpful in the learning process.

My husband thinks that, as the site stands now, it is worth $20/month if one is looking for a supplement to other learning resources. If the Exercise Files and the Discussion section were up and running, he thinks that could possibly serve as the only resource one would need to learn a subject like Java.

Thank you to for providing us with a review product free of charge.