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Review: Kolobags Laptop Case

My husband and I began to look around for a laptop bag since he began taking classes to obtain his Microsoft certifications. Since I normally would only use a laptop bag for travel, we decided that one unisex laptop bag would work for both of us. What my husband was looking for was a sleek no-frills bag that was less than a laptop messenger bag or a laptop backpack, but more than a laptop sleeve.

That's when I came across the Tucano Workout 15.4" Laptop Case. It was exactly what my husband wanted. It is slim like a laptop sleeve, but it has handles, a removable shoulder strap, and pockets for storage.

What my husband thought about the Tucano Workout 15.4" Laptop Case from Kolobags:

1) One of the best parts about this bag is that it is very slim and still protects your laptop extremely well because it is not just padded, but rather it has shock absorbing pads on almost the entire body.

2) My husband likes that there is an extra pocket that flips outward to carry small, but slightly bulky things like his computer mouse and his AC adapter.

3) The silver lining and flip-out pouch are reminiscent of reflective tape used on clothing for joggers, bikers, and skiers. This is right up my husband's alley.

4) Although my husband thought that the shoulder strap started off a little stiff, it turned out to be more comfortable after a little use.

What I thought about this Tucano laptop bag:

1) Although I am more of a smooth leather and chrome hardware type of girl, I think this bag has an extremely sleek look for a sporty laptop bag. I'm not crazy about the silver nylon, but all that is hidden when the bag is zipped up.

2) I love all the pockets for organization. You may not be able to tell from the photos, but there is a pocket on each side where the handles are that the handles can actually tuck into. There are also zippered pockets on both sides which span the length of the bag. There are places to tuck your pens and your cell phone or PDA. Lastly there is a 5th pocket in which the silver pouch can tuck inside.

3) Since we live in New England, it is an extremely important feature that this bag is made of water resistant nylon. It will need to withstand rain, snow, and sleet. (We won't mention how my husband has a tendency to spill beverages in the car.)

4) I am big on details and I am happy to report that this bag is flawless and screams quality. There are no loose threads or even one stitch out of place.

5) Although the handles are slightly padded, I would prefer them to be more rounded and easier to grip. This is probably not possible since the designer appeared to want the handles to be able to tuck inside the pockets invisibly.

If you are looking for a laptop bag that can be shared between a man and a woman, then I think you should consider this bag. In addition to the grey, it is also available in black and red.

If you've never shopped Kolobags before, you should know that they offer $5.95 flat rate ground shipping within the U.S. for orders up to $50 and Free Shipping for orders over $50. You can also snag Free Shipping by signing up for the Special Offers Newsletter via email. Their product selection is not limited to just laptop bags, but also includes luggage, diaper bags, ipod cases, camera cases, wallets, and more. Plus if you follow Kolobags on Twitter and become a fan of Kolobags on Facebook, then you will automatically be entered in 2 drawings for a $20 Kolobags gift certificate every month.

Thank you to Kolobags for providing us with a review product free of charge.