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Review: Just Jen Custom Rhinestone Clothing

I have to admit that I am not big on bling. Even my engagement ring and wedding band, the two things that are allowed to be a little ostentatious, are simple and tasteful. There are times, though, when a girl needs a little sparkle. That's where Just Jen Swarovski crystal tees come in.

You read on my blog constantly about how I love to give and receive personalized gifts. Well, nothing would make a girl feel more special than a custom rhinestone t-shirt, hoodie, or lounge pants. What would you put on a custom tee? It's difficult to decide, isn't it? The possibilities are endless. Read on to see what I decided upon . . .

What I thought about my personalized rhinestone tank top:

1) I thought the presentation was very nice. My tank top was packaged in this shimmery reusable drawstring bag.

2) My Just Jen tank top washed very well. There was no shrinking, pilling, and not one crystal was out of place.

3) My husband was very flattered when he saw I chose "Todd's Girl" for my personalization, which made this tank even more special to me.

4) I should have checked the size charts before I ordered. I ordered a plus size just so the tank would not be so tight-fitting, but it turned out to be 5 inches longer than a size small. Lesson learned.

5) I also received a pair of rhinestone sweatpants with a filled Swarovski crystal heart as a bonus. They were so incredibly soft. I have never worn such a comfortable pair of pants in my life.

I found all the rhinestone fashions on Just Jen to be very tasteful. In addition to being very versatile, all the pieces seem to be made with comfort in mind. I would opt for my Just Jen tank and lounge pants any day over my boring old t-shirts and sweats.

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