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Review: Guidecraft Kiddie Couch

Twintuitive Product #8

I chose this Kiddie Couch from Accent Furniture Direct, one of the leading online resources for home decor, to feature as a "TWINtuitive Product" because space is one thing households with twins quickly become short on. This small-armed children's sofa can fit two children (maybe even three if they're small) comfortably while measuring only 31.5" wide. This one piece of furniture takes up much less space than buying two armchairs and it costs less as well. Plus a sofa is more conducive to bonding activities, such as reading together.

What my family and I thought about the Guidecraft Kiddie Couch:

1) It took me very little time to assemble this couch. Although the illustrations that accompanied the directions were not 100% accurate, I found the assembly to be easy and it required no tools.

2) The body of the sofa is canvas sling on a steel bar frame, similar to a futon's. Then the one-piece cushion sits on top of that. If I had not put it together myself, I would never have known how sturdy this sofa really is from the steel frame right down to the hardwood base.

3) For a household like ours with young children and pets, the removable cover is an extremely important feature.

4) Since I am too big to try it out myself, I cannot tell you for sure how comfortable this sofa is. My 5yr old son claims that it is and I can tell you that I found my 2.5yr old son curled up asleep on it one night.

5) I think all 3 of my children are excited to have a kid-sized sofa in a house where so many things are huge and where very few things are off-limits to adults

6) With my 5yr old son in the lead, there have been many hours of pretend play that has taken place around or on this couch.

I could not be happier with this piece of children's furniture from Accent Furniture Direct. I believe they currently carry this Guidecraft Kiddie Couch plus the matching chairs and end table in three different colors at reduced prices. If you've never visited the site, I must warn you that you could spend hours looking at furniture, lamps, accent tables, clocks . . . almost anything for decorating your home. They also offer Free Ground Shipping for many items.

Thank you to CSN Stores for providing us with a review product free of charge.