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Review: Girl's Dress by Happy Green Bee

Having spent most of her time with her two brothers, my little girl has learned to be tough and can play cars with the best of them. Despite that, she also has an affinity for "girly" things like dolls, tutus, and dresses.

Since my daughter is still active no matter what she is wearing, I was happy to be presented with the opportunity to review a design from the online children's boutique Happy Green Bee. The children's clothing offered at this boutique have fun bright attractive colors. More importantly, the clothing is designed with children in mind.

What I thought about this girls dress from Happy Green Bee:

1) I was very impressed with the quality of this dress. It washed very well with no shrinking or pilling.

2) The dress is very comfortable and easy to move in . . . two very important features for an active child.

3) The petal-style hem makes this dress perfect for a girl who likes to be an individual and has her own opinions about everything (just like my daughter).

4) We had a little difficulty getting the dress over her head. I think the neck opening could use a tiny bit more stretch perhaps?

5) Normally, a dress of this length would not require a diaper cover, but I would like to see one included for the younger children. My daughter thought it was great fun to lift the dress up and play with the petals.

6) I could tell that my daughter loved this dress. It is a "fun" dress. There is lots of movement from the flouncy hem when she walks, kicks up her feet, and twirls around.

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Thank you to Happy Green Bee for providing us with a review product free of charge.