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Review: Carolina Pad Fashion School & Office Supplies

Currently, my home office is just that . . . my own. Nobody uses it or sees it but me, so my choice of home office supplies is based on function not form. That was not always the case. I recall being a student from grade school through high school. That was a time when expressing your style was extremely important . . . a time when your school supplies were considered as much accessories as your earrings.

Carolina Pad is one of the leading sources in fashionable school supplies. With about a dozen different collections, there is something to fit every student's personal style. There are brights, muted tones, and even eco-friendly paper products.

What I thought about the Carolina Pad collections:

1) My favorite Carolina Pad product out of all the ones I received is the organizational folders. It is a spiral bound book of folders with 8 pockets total. I would love to have one of these for organizing bills, one for coupons, and one for take-out menus.

2) I like that the brand and product information on the front is printed on a separate removable flap. Once removed, all that's left is the designer cover. After all, who needs to know how many perforated pages there are in a notebook after it has been purchased?

3) I also like that almost every paper product has at least one pocket in it. They are perfect for keeping loose change, flash drives, business cards, or anything else that's small.

If you'd like to pick up some Carolina Pad products for back-to-school this year, you can find them online at, as well as in stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, and other major retailers.

Thank you to Carolina Pad for providing us with review products free of charge.