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Review: Baker's Edge Brownie Pan

Everyone in my house knows the rule when it comes to brownies! The rule is that the four corner pieces are mine and they are welcome to the rest of the pan.

I have been wanting to try The Edge Brownie Pan for years. I've hinted about it and have even put it on my Christmas wishlists, but I have not had the pleasure of trying it out until now, thanks to Baker's Edge.

The Edge Brownie Pan comes in a ready-to-wrap box and includes a nylon spatula especially designed to use with this brownie baking pan. There are several recipes included in the product insert, but you can also download some delicious brownie recipes on the Baker's Edge website.

What I thought about The Edge Brownie Pan:

1) The pan is heavyweight and not flimsy at all (unlike some baking pans I've had that actually dented or warped easily).

2) It takes a steady hand, but if you pour the batter throughout the channels, then there is much less spreading to be done before the pan can go in the oven.

3) The pan allowed the brownie batter to bake evenly. In fact, I think I will leave the pan in a little longer next time because I like my brownies to be extra well done and chewy.

4) The one concern I really had was about sticking because I normally use dark coated nonstick pans. I was pleasantly surprised. There was no sticking at all. The brownies were easily removed with the nylon spatula and there was nothing left in the pan aside from a few stray crumbs. All I used on it was some non-stick cooking spray before I poured in the batter.

5) Of course, what I love the most about this product is that it creates a pan of brownies in which every single piece has at least two edges.

Since my son is starting kindergarten this fall, I am so glad to be armed with this baking pan. I see many bake sales in my future and I believe this pan by Baker's Edge will hold up to being used and washed again and again.

Here's someone else who is happy that we have The Edge Brownie Pan . . .

Currently, you can purchase The Edge Brownie Pan on the Baker's Edge website, on, and at select local and online retailers of specialty cookware.

Thank you to Baker's Edge for providing us with a review product free of charge.