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Review: 3M Command Disney Hooks & Picture Hangers

Twintuitive Product #5

I chose 3M Command decorative hooks to feature as a "Twintuitive Product" because most twins have to share everything, including toys, books, clothing, and space. Although it is important for twins to become accustomed to sharing many things, it is just as important for each child to have his or her own space. That's where these Disney wall hooks from 3M come in. They are extremely affordable and allow each child to have a special place to hang their bathrobe, hat, or coat. They also help to solve a space problem, which is quite common in a household with twins. These hooks are removable and do not harm most surfaces, allowing parents to use vertical spaces creatively.

What I thought about 3M Command Hooks :

1) These hooks are incredibly easy to install. No tools required. This is what the anchor of the hook looks like. Once it sets for one hour, you simply slip the decorative hook back onto it.

2) For something that is removable, the adhesive is extremely strong. The large Disney hooks hold up to 5lbs each.

3) I love the non-slip ball hooks! I cannot tell you how I will not miss picking up my son's coat off the floor because it has once again slipped off the wooden hook.

4) The flat round Disney hooks retail for just $5 or $6 each, which is a great price for licensed wall hooks. The 3-D sculpted hooks sell for a few dollars more and have a knob type hook rather than a u-shaped hook.

5) When installing the hooks, you must not place them directly under a lip because you need a little space to lift the hook off the anchor.

6) My children could not be more thrilled with the Disney characters on these hooks. Disney Pixar Cars and the Disney Princesses are the two favorites in our house.

7) I also want to point out that these hooks are meant to be reused. Each hook comes with an extra set of 3M Command adhesive strips.

Now let me show you how we used 3M Command Hooks in our home:

On the side of my son's desk right above my daughter's dress-up basket.

On the side of our kitchen cabinets immediately to the left of our backdoor for the twins' coats and hats.

On the wall immediately to the right of our backdoor above the shoe basket for my older son's hat, coat, and backpack.

What I thought about the Velcro picture hanging strips system:

1) The picture hanging system was just as easy to install as the Command hooks.

2) This is a heavyweight 11x14 frame with glass. The Velcro is so strong that I have no worries about this picture falling.

3) Below is a large 18x24 poster frame. Again, the 3M Picture Strips hold this frame securely to the wall.

I have always been impressed by 3M technology, but now my awe has been brought to a new level. I am so pleased I no longer need to recruit my husband and his electric screwdriver to hang hooks. Plus I don't have to hold back the tears from when I accidentally hit my thumb with a hammer while tapping in a nail. I'm sure my husband will also be happy not to have to putty, sand, and paint over all those extra holes we make every time we redecorate. Click here to watch a demonstration of how easy the 3M Command Adhesive comes off surfaces.

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Thank you to 3M for providing us with review products free of charge.