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Review: 2-Sided Easel from Stacks and Stacks

Twintuitive Product #9

I chose this two sided art easel from Stacks and Stacks (a huge online resource for home furnishings and much more) to feature as a "TWINtuitive Product" because of obvious reasons. It is one toy that allows two children to be together, but separate at the same time. Twins love being together, but they always have to share just about everything. This children's easel does not require them to take turns and each child can have his or her own space without purchasing two separate products. How many toys can you say that about?

This adjustable easel has a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other. Both surfaces are designed to have paper clipped in place for other mediums.

What I thought about this double-sided easel:

1) This easel looks inviting to a child. It has light-colored wood plus primary colored trays, clips, and knobs. It is also simple and not intimidating considering its size.

2) The clips were child-friendly. They were easy to open and close and my 5-1/2yr old son had no problems clipping on his drawing paper independently.

3) The plastic trays are roomy and deep, offering plenty of space to hold paint cups, brushes, sponges, thick chalk, . . . really almost all tools young artists use.

4) I like that this easel is adjustable to 3 different heights, so it can grow with your child. At the moment we have it on the lowest height at which the twins can just reach the top and our kindergartner can still use it comfortably. If he is working on a lengthy project, he will sit in a chair to work on the bottom half of his picture.

5) This easel is slightly rough around the edges. More specifically, the drilled holes and the edges of the two sheets of particle board give the easel an unfinished look.

6) It's great that this easel can fold flat so that it can be stored in a closet or behind a door.

7) The work surfaces measure about 2'x2' and is roomy enough to support larger-sized drawing or watercolor paper.

Overall, I am very pleased with this easel. It is affordable, sturdy, and suits our purpose. The roomy trays are one of the most important features to me. They determine whether this easel is a practical toy or not.

You can currently buy this kids easel on Stacks and Stacks with Free Shipping within the continental U.S. In fact, this site offers Free Shipping on over 16,000 items for your home, your children, and even your pets. is definitely on my list of sites to shop for holiday gifts this year.

Thank you to Stacks and Stacks for providing us with a review product free of charge.