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Mommy Confessions: A Wet Night Owl

This is something I have been struggling with for awhile. I'm conflicted about whether I am doing the right thing.

I Confess . . .

I have been having a problem with our 2.5yr old daughter not sleeping at night until 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning. She may sleep for an hour or so at bedtime, but then she wakes up and reads or plays quietly. Once she begins to get bored, she will start to think of how she can get me to go into her room for a visit. She has figured out that if she tells me that her diaper needs to be changed then I will go in and change her. I did this at first because I am trying to get her on the right track for potty training. The fact that she is recognizing when she is wet is a good thing, so I did not want to let her stay in a wet diaper if she is asking not to be. The problem is that she started doing this 2 or 3 times a night.

A few nights ago, I decided that fixing her sleep problems is more important than speeding up her potty training. I feel very guilty for not going in to change her when she calls for me. I hope that taking the option of using her diaper as an excuse to get me in her room out of the equation will help to make a difference.

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