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Mommy Confessions: Child Labor

Yesterday was especially busy. I really shot myself in the foot because I am booked, double-booked, and triple-booked as far as reviews go in preparation for the "Get Cool For School" event on top of the regular bloggy commitments I have scheduled.

I Confess . . .

I really overworked my children yesterday. Usually they have so much fun helping me with product reviews. I felt a sudden wave of panic when I realized how much I have to do this month. So all in one day, Jake watched a new DVD, read a book with me, and did two photo shoots. Makenzie also had a photo shoot. There were two videos made which starred both Jake and Luke (Makenzie went on strike). Then there is my poor husband who was in one of the videos and was my one man backstage crew.

I hope my family will still be speaking to me by the time July is over.

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