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LIVE CONTEST: 250 Custom Printed Stickers/Lables [CLOSED]

This is a LIVE Contest! Please read the instructions below before proceeding.

PRIZE: 250 Custom Stickers.

OPEN TO: U.S. & Canadian Address

SPONSOR: This contest has been sponsored by whose services are not limited to sticker printing, but also include custom business cards, posters, post cards, canvas prints and much more.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Your first comment must tell me how you plan to use these 250 custom printed stickers if you won this contest. This is how I would use mine in the 2 x 3.5 format . . .

Contest Rules: After completing the mandatory entry, you may comment as many times as you like about any topic as long as you use complete sentences. (Any inappropriate comments will be deleted.) You may make consecutive comments. #200 will be the winner!

(Why 200? Because my new template does not allow me or you to see any comments newer than 200 unless I remove the embedded comment box. Falcon Hive is working on a fix for it.)

Good luck and have fun!