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Is a Disney Family Vacation in the Cards for Us?

Since there has been all this buzz about Blogher trips these past couple of months, my husband and I have been discussing going somewhere . . . anywhere. Although he has travelled for business, we have not gone anywhere as a couple since our honeymoon and we have never taken a family vacation. Well, the question is, do we spend our money going on a little weekend trip or should we save it and use it towards a big family vacation to Disney? Money is really tight for us, so we will have to be one of those families who plans out every little detail. One thing I do know is that a January trip would be ideal since all 3 of our children have their birthdays that month (not to mention that it would be nice to get away from the New England winter weather).

I have so many questions floating around in my head. For example, what is the best age for my kids to go? Jake is at a good age, but the twins are only 2-1/2 and they won't remember the trip when they are older.

Another question I have is how far ahead can we start planning? Also what happens if you find some really good Disney vacation deals, but you are not ready to go within the next few months? How far out do travel agents book? Will an all-inclusive vacation be too restrictive even though it may be more stress-free to know the approximate cost per person up front?

Feel free to chime in with any advice or suggestions on how to get started with the planning!