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Giveaway & Review: Evolve Eco-Friendly Showerhead (2 Winners) [CLOSED]

Sit down and let me tell you the tale of the 3 showerheads we've gone through in the past year. About 6 months ago, our plastic handheld showerhead, which we've had for about two years, started to spring a leak around the threads where it connected to the shower pipe. It sprayed water all over the ceiling every time we used the shower. So we had throw a hand towel over the leak each time we showered. After about 4 months of that, we picked up another plastic handheld showerhead on sale at a home furnishings store that was going out of business. About a month later, I hopped in the shower, reached up to tilt the showerhead down a bit, and the showerhead broke off right in my hand. It didn't break at a joint, it just broke right in the middle of the handle.

So this brings us to our third showerhead. Since it was late at night when the showerhead broke and we could not run out and buy a replacement, we had no other choice but to reinstall the original showerhead that came with the house. Right away, I knew we were wasting water. So much water was coming out of the shower that it hurt to stand under it no matter how I adjusted the stream. Also, the tub drain suddenly could not keep up with the amount of water that coming out of the showerhead. There was about two inches of water constantly at the bottom of the tub.

That was when I found Evolve eco-friendly showerheads online. Outfitted with solid brass fittings, this showerhead is not likely to snap in half.

What actually attracted me to the Macaw the most is that it, not only saves water, but it also saves hot water with its ShowerStart technology. This showerhead is smart! If it senses the water temperature reaching 95 degrees Fahrenheit, it will slow itself down to a trickle. That way, if you are in the habit of doing other things while your shower warms up, you will not waste water if you do not hop in the second it gets hot. To resume the full flow, you just need to tug on the little cord.

The Macaw showerhead is said to be capable of saving you up to $75 in utilities and 2700 gallons of water per year. I cannot attest to this because my heat and hot water are included in the HOA fees associated with our townhouse, but I can tell you that there is no longer two inches of water along the bottom of the bathtub when I take a shower.

Other thoughts I had about the Evolve Macaw Showerhead:

1) This showerhead is constructed so well that I know it will outlast any other I've ever owned.

2) I love the sleek design and the look of the brushed nickel finish.

3) I like that there are five choices in spray patterns. I like to use the massage, but our young children like something gentler when being rinsed off after their baths.

4) This showerhead has great water pressure, but not so much that it hurts you to stand under it.

5) The 59" hose is long enough for us to rinse the children off after their baths without any restrictions with where they need to stand and what direction they need to face.

6) The actual head is 4 inches in diameter and gives lots of coverage, unlike some with sprays that are far too concentrated.

I would highly recommend this showerhead to anyone who needs a handheld. If you'd like to save some money, choose the chrome finish. It will pay for itself in less than a year by saving you money on utility bills.

Visit to purchase or view their full line of eco-friendly showerheads.

Thank you to Evolve for providing us with both a review product and contest prizes free of charge.

What you can win:
One lucky reader will receive a Macaw Chrome Polish Finish Showerhead (shown below on the left) and a second lucky reader will receive a Macaw Brushed Nickel Finish Showerhead (shown below on the right). In extra entry #1, you have a chance to specify which finish you would like to receive if you won this contest. I will do my best to accommodate the two winners, but cannot guarantee they both will receive their first choice.

This giveaway is open to U.S. entries only. You do not need to be a blogger to enter, but you must have a valid email address and be age 18 years or older. If you enter anonymously and do not include a valid email address in your comment entries, I will not be able to notify you should you win this random drawing.

How to Gain Entries:
Browse the products offered by Evolve. Then leave a comment telling me which one item fits your needs the best (aside from the Macaw showerhead). You MUST do this to be eligible to win this contest.

Extra Entries:

1) For an extra entry, leave a separate comment telling me if you would prefer to receive the Chrome or the Nickel finished Macaw showerhead if you won this contest. This step is not mandatory, but if you skip it and are one of the two winners, I will choose the finish for you.

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Good luck in the drawing!