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Review: Vroom Solo Freestanding Vacuum

With 3 young children plus 1 dog and 4 cats, our household was a perfect choice for putting the Vroom Solo to the test. To clarify, the Vroom Solo is a stand-alone unit that does not require a central vacuum system.

This unit is about the size of a computer tower, approximately 3-1/4"w x 16-1/4"h x 22d. The power unit is about 10-1/2"w x 7-1/4"h x 14-1/4"d. Equipped with a 24ft hose, these two pieces are meant to be housed inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink. There is another unit available that is designed to be placed inside your bathroom vanity as well.

We had originally intended to install the unit beneath our kitchen sink. While doing so, we found that we may have a tiny leak because there was some moisture. Just to be cautious we decided to put the Vroom against the wall under our kitchen table where it would still be fully accessible, but still out of the way and mostly out of sight.

What I thought about the Vroom Solo Vacuum:

1) It turned out to be very important for us that the Vroom Solo can be used in any grounded outlet.

2) Since our unit is centrally located, the 24ft hose can reach to almost every corner of the main floor of our house and I love that it is completely retractable. In fact, the hose automatically retracts when you replace the nozzle in the dock.

3) This vacuum is so powerful that it allows us to clean in places where we cannot normally fit a vacuum or a broom, like in the space between the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinet for instance.

4) The adjustable wand allows us to vacuum cobwebs on the ceilings and other places that are normally out of our reach and even our upright vacuum's attachments cannot reach.

5) I love not having to lug the heavy vacuum around and not having to deal with a power cord.

6) The vacuum is a little loud, but it is a small price to pay for having such a powerful vacuum.

7) Having this unit on our main floor allows me to leave our upright upstairs on the second floor. It is such a relief for my husband not to have to carry the vacuum up and down the stairs anymore.

8) Does it make me lazy that I love this last feature? The Vroom actually turns on by itself when you lift the hose up and turns off after you place the nozzle back in the dock.

Please take a minute to view this short video, which demonstrates the power of the Vroom Solo on everyday messes, such as cereal, cat food, crackers, and flour.

To see more of what the Vroom can do, visit . For a limited time, you can register to win a Vroom of your very own. To find a dealer near you, simply use the Vroom store locator.

Thank you to Vroom for providing us with this review product free of charge.