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Review: Chloraseptic & Little Allergies Allergen Block

When the pollen count hits a record-breaking high and actually makes it as a top news story, it's about time to call in reinforcements. That is why I did not turn down the opportunity for my family to try the new Allergen Block by Chloraseptic and Little Allergies. When my allergies are starting to give me asthma-like symptoms, then even I have to admit I need help.

After I explain to you how this nasal allergy reducer works, you are going wonder exactly what my husband wondered, which was . . . Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Simply put, the gel contains positively charged ions, which attracts and traps the negatively charged airborne allergens. You just apply the gel all around your nose, including your top lip.

The Allergen Block Gel contains no medication and is safe for all ages. The Little Allergies formula made by Little Noses is especially formulated for children 0-12yrs old.

What I thought about both allergen blockers:

1) I have always worried about giving my 5yr old son medications like children's Claretin and Benadryl. I have no worries about using the Little Allergies Allergen Block since it contains no medication.

2) A little bit goes a long way. Each little tube can provide up to 150 applications. You only need to put a tiny bit every 4 to 6 hours for continued protection.

3) I don't think that this product can give you 100% protection against airborne allergens because it only protects your nose and not your eyes. I do think it is effective when teamed up with another allergy symptom reliever.

4) When I have a sinus headache, I can experience some noticeable relief by applying the allergen block gel to my nose after about 30 minutes. (Please keep in mind that everybody's results will be different.)

5) The gel has a slight scent which disappears within 1 or 2 seconds after applying it to your nose.

6) It was difficult to gauge how effective the Little Allergies formula was with my son's allergy symptoms. He is not as aware of them as an adult is, therefore it was difficult for him to report back to me the results. Also, his symptoms are not so severe that they cause him to complain about them constantly (unlike mine).

The bottom line is I found that the allergen block gel does make a difference in lessening my allergy symptoms. It just does not eliminate them completely, so I will continue to use it in conjunction with another remedy, which also does not relieve all my symptoms on its own.

You can find Chloraseptic and Little Allergies Allergen Block wherever allergy relievers are sold.

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