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Mommy Confessions: Talking to Myself

This week's confession is really happened last week. It is something that I feel guilty for, but not at the same time.

I Confess . . .

After my 5yr old son was sent to his room last week for accidentally hurting his little brother as a result of continuing to do something that I warned him repeatedly not to do, I went upstairs to talk to him about what happened. So while I was talking to him about not listening, breaking the rules, and how his little brother got hurt as a result, he did his usual no-eye-contact routine and was tinkering with a toy that sat on his dresser. So I asked him a question about what we should do to change his behavior? His response was that he thinks his toy is getting a crack in it. It infuriated me so much that I was speaking to him about something very serious and he was only half listening to me. So I took the toy and threw it on the floor and picked up the conversation where we left off like nothing happened. That got his attention and he listened intently for the rest of our little talk.

Even though the floor was covered in a thickly padded rug, a tiny plastic piece of the toy broke off. I feel badly for breaking his toy, but at the same time I keep thinking that maybe next time he will not focus on something else while we are having a serious discussion.

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