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Kindergartner-In-Training: First 2 Days

The first day of my Kindergartner-in-Training program went a little shaky. I think Jake was nervous because there were so many new things. He only filled 3 squares and 2 of them were the same activity. He didn't fill any rows, so he did not earn any extra Mardi Gras coins.

Luckily today, I was able to encourage Jake to try some new activities. Once he got going, he seemed to really have fun. The activities were short and I made sure they were too challenging at this stage. Look! He filled the whole chart and, as a result, he earned 10 coins.

It turns out that one of Jake's favorite activities in our Kindergartner-in-Training program is the "Draw a Picture With . . . " challenge. For this activity I took a small note pad and wrote on each page "Draw a picture with A and B". Then I tore each page out and put them in a labeled envelope to keep them together. When Jake chooses this activity, I take the pieces of paper out of the envelope and fan them out for him face-down. He then picks a piece of paper and needs to draw a picture with the two requirements described. Here are some examples . . .

Draw a picture with 1 thing that is upside down and 1 thing that is right-side up.

What Jake came up for this one was 2 suns, one of which is upside down. At first that's all he drew, but I encouraged him to complete the picture. So he added a sky, grass, and a rainbow.

Draw a picture with 1 thing that moves and 1 thing that does not move.

For this challenge, Jake drew a boy for the thing that moves and a head of lettuce for the thing that doesn't move. See, it's right there under the boy's feet. :)

Draw a picture with 1 square (any color) and 1 thing with fur.

For this picture Jake drew a square, which I encouraged him to turn into something. Then he drew a furry boot. ;P

This has been a very interesting experience. I am so proud of Jake for filling his whole chart and am just thrilled that he is excited about this program I came up with. I will blog about another activity next time.