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For Better or For Worse: Shower Power

This is a new series I am starting. Since I have Silly Monkey Stories for our children, I figured I should have something for sharing stories about my husband.

I was feeling pretty not-so-good today. Yesterday I had felt like I was coming down with something and this morning I woke up with zero energy. It was just one of those days when it took twice as long to do everything and there were a million things to do. Plus I had product being delivered to the house for reviews that were the wrong thing and another thing was broken. You know . . . just one of those days.

So I decided that maybe a quick shower would help make me feel renewed and ready to conquer the rest of my list of things to do. I get in the shower just like always. And like always I reached up to tip the shower head down a little because my husband, who is quite a bit taller than me, had used the shower last. Well, what do you think happened next? That darn shower head broke off right in my hand. No, a part didn't just fall off. It BROKE.

Needless to say, I was upset. All I wanted to do was take a shower and to feel better. Lots of self-pity going on at that moment. So I call my husband to come look the shower head. It very obviously could not be fixed. Luckily we still had the original shower head that came with the house. My husband quickly replaced the the broken one and proceeded to make sure it was functioning properly. So he turned the water on, while forgetting to aim the head away from himself. That's right. The water sprayed right on him and gave him quite a startle.

I have to tell you that I let out such a laugh. I guess a little comic relief was just what I needed to feel better. Who else can I count on other than my dear husband to make me smile when I need it the most?