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For Better or For Worse: Bugging My Husband

Okay, so here I sit and it isn't even 6am yet on a Saturday morning. I didn't even go to bed until 3am and still I could not sleep. Here's why . . .

I have a deep phobia of bugs. It doesn't matter what kind they are . . . big, small, crawling, flying, buzzing, even spiders. It took my husband many years to realize how bad my phobia was. I think the point of realization occurred when we were traveling South by car and I realized there were little tiny bugs crawling all over the duffle bag that was at my feet on the passenger's side. We must have picked them up when we put the bag on the ground at the last pit stop. Being trapped in a small place with lots of bugs and not being able to remove myself from the situation is not ideal for me at all. So I started to get itchy. Then my stomach started to hurt and I started to have trouble breathing. I was having a panic attack for the very first time in my life. So that was when my husband first realized that I wasn't just being over-dramatic when I reacted to insects like I did.

Fast forward to last night . . .

Here I was sitting on our bed exactly where I am now (except my husband was not sleeping soundly next to me as he is now) typing away minding my own business. All of a sudden, I felt something nudge me on my behind. I turn to look and there was a huge brown bug on my boy shorts. So I tried to desperately shake the fabric to get it off of me. After what seemed like forever, it fell off onto the bed and I shot off the bed like I was on fire. So then I look and the bug isn't on the bed anymore. Instead I felt something land on the back of my should. That was when I let out a scream. This thing was after me! So I picked up the phone and called my husband on the intercom to get upstairs to catch it.

Well, it turned out that the big brown bug was nowhere to be found. So I sat back on the bed and tried to get some more work done while I waited impatiently for my husband to finish what he was doing on World of Warcraft so he could come to bed. It was tough to concentrate since my skin was itching all over and I was rocking back and forth hoping the bug wouldn't come back to land on me if I was in constant motion. I was also constantly looking around the bed, on myself, and around the room. I even tried to coax one of our cats to stay on the bed with me to be my guard cat, but he refused to cooperate. Nope, not much work got done.

So I tried to go to sleep when my husband came to bed, but I was still extremely itchy and paranoid. It didn't help that it was stifling and humid in our room either. I think I fell asleep at about 3:30am and woke up around 4:30am. I couldn't take just lying there being paranoid and itchy anymore, so I got up at 5am to take a shower. I figured that I could scream loud enough to wake up my husband if there was another attempt to attack me by the big bad brown bug.

You all must think I sound like a nutcase. The amazing thing is that my husband didn't call me one last night. He was sympathetic and tried to help and never made me feel ridiculous once. How wonderful is that?