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3Garnets PR and Social Media Services

Since I have been aiding both PR professionals and businesses with online campaigns for quite some time, I have decided to officially offer my services as 3Garnets PR. These are some of the areas in which my knowledge of social networking can benefit your clients or your business . . .

Product Review & Giveaway Campaigns ~ If you are a PR professional who needs to outsource some of your work or a business that is interested in establishing your brand through the power of bloggers, I will ably assist you in finding the bloggers who will offer you the most benefit by taking part in your campaign. I can make recommendations about what type of campaign is the best strategy for your type of product. I also offer long-term services for businesses who would like a constant stream of reviews and giveaways in order to maximize brand exposure and SEO.

Advertising Campaigns ~ If you are interested in purchasing advertising space on blogs or websites on behalf of your client or your own business, I can assist you by seeking out the best sites to maximize the benefits of your advertising dollars dictated by your budget.

Social Media ~ If you are interested in setting up a Facebook and/or Twitter page for your business or brand, I can quickly do this. I can even create graphics for these pages, including avatars, banners, and Twitter backgrounds. I also offer the service of running and maintaining these social media pages.

Being a member of a large blogging community, I network with a vast number of bloggers daily. If you are interested in discussing a campaign, please contact me via email at 3Garnets PR. I will reply to your inquiry promptly. I can also provide a resume and references upon request.