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Review: Speed Racer "Comet Run" DVD

It is no secret that my 5yr old son is a big fan of Speed Racer: The Next Generation. He has the helmet, the steering wheel, all the die cast cars in various scales, and he even had a Speed Racer-themed birthday party this year. When I found out that he had the opportunity to review the new Lionsgate Speed Racer DVD "Comet Run the Movie", which was released in May 2009, how could I not have jumped at the chance? This particular DVD is specially packaged to include a collectible Mach 6 too!

What I thought about this DVD as a parent:

1) I really liked how the movie presented real-life ecological problems concerning fuel, such as conservation and the effects of emissions. It is nice that children can learn something beyond just enjoying the storyline and the excitement of racing.

2) Usually a show like this has a theme of good vs. evil. In this case, the protagonist sought to build an eco-friendly car that could run on very little or no gasoline at all. The antagonist, who boasted about creating an "Eco-Car" that could run a 3-day race on a single tank of gas with no emissions, was actually using a large gas-fueled engine, which was fueled by leaded gasoline no less.

3) I also liked how this movie showed my son that there are alternatives to fossil fuels by having Speed Racer turn to wind power when he ran out of gas.

4) I think this movie is age-appropriate for a 5 or 6 yr old. It was very easy to follow and my son could explain to me exactly what was happening with the plot.

5) This movie introduces the concept of loss. I think it is important that parents explain to their children that the monkey only came back because it was a computerized robot and that death is normally final when it comes to real animals.

What my 5yr old son thought about this movie:

1) Although he loved the movie, he was far more excited about the collectible Mach 6 that came with it.

2) He said his favorite part about the movie was when Speed Racer was forced to drive on the railroad tracks.

Overall, I would recommend this movie because it presents some important themes. Children are learning from "Comet Run" without be conscious of it. I think most adults will find this movie moderately entertaining as well. I did not mind watching it with my son at all.