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Review: SinuCleanse & Kids Mist for Sinus Relief

My dear husband and I plus our 5yr old son have chronic sinus problems all year round. These problems include congestion, post-nasal drip, and sinus headaches which are caused by indoor and outdoor allergens. When we had a chance to try three SinuCleanse products, I could not wait. Nasal washing is not something any of us have tried in the past, although we have heard that it was an effective way to achieve sinus relief.

The two products available for adults are the SinuCleanse Squeeze and the SinuCleanse Neti Pot. The concept is pretty simple. You squeeze or pour saline solution through one nostril, let it run through your nasal passages and run out your other nostril. Click on any image to watch a video demonstration of that particular product.

I, who have problems using nasal sprays and mists, decided it was a good idea to recruit my dear husband to be my guinea pig.

What my husband thought about the SinuCleanse products:

1) After following the instructions in the video and after 3 applications, he admitted that it is something he could get use to, even though he describes the sensation of the saline wash as similar to having a bloody nose.

2) He did say that his nasal passages felt much clearer and he was able to wash out quite a bit of mucous.

3) He preferrred the squeeze bottle nasal wash over the Neti Pot because it gave him more control.

4) Although the videos recommend making the applications over the sink, my husband thinks it would be better to use the product in the shower because it is possible to get saline and water on yourself. (I imagine using the SinuCleanse along with the steam from the shower would probably do an excellent job clearing up your nasal passages.)

So we have the chicken (that's me), the guinea pig (my husband), and now the baby guinea pig (my 5yr old son). Our soon-to-be kindergartener is used to getting saline nose drops nightly at bedtime. They help his nose stay clearer thoughout the night, which ensures a better nights sleep for everybody. After testing the SinuCleanse Kids Mist on my son the first time, he did not seem to like it at all. He claimed that it hurt a little bit, but I think it is just that strange feeling of having liquid high up in his nasal passages. I was surprised at his reaction because he is use to taking saline drops lying down. After much coaxing, my son agreed to try the saline mist again. His reaction was the same.

My conclusions about the SinuCleanse Kids Mist:

1) I think it is impossible to tell if your child will take to it or not without actually trying it.

2) It is an odd sensation, so perhaps an older child would be more willing to go through the brief discomfort in exchange for clearer breathing.

3) Even though my son would not admit that his sinuses felt better, I could hear that he was breathing more clearly and his nose was no longer stuffed up.

Overall, I am pleased with the results of the SinuCleanse products. The product does work, but the question is whether an individual can become accustomed to the sensations of the nasal washing, or in the child's case, the nasal mist. There is no way to know if this product is for you without trying it.