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Review: Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld

It has always been a challenge to create good children's television. Some have succeeded and some have not. There are many choices available, so parents can really pick and choose what they would like their children to watch.

WonderWorld TV has succeeded in creating a fun educational children's program that is interactive. The shows are written as if the viewer is one of the characters. All the characters speak directly to the viewer. Even riding on the WonderWorld Express is done from the first person point of view. The lovable character Ribert combined with all the other regular guests on the show make this program a winner according to my 5yr old son. Aside from Ribert, his favorite character is the host of the art segment "Art Starring Cousin Chris." A few other segments that my son finds most enjoyable are "Storytime with Leeny" and "Magic Starring Magic Matt."

In addition to interactive children's television, WonderWorld TV hosts an awards program for children called the Golden Ribby Awards. There are 40 contests divided between various categories and age groups. This is truly a fun activity for parents and children to work on together. Just take a look at the list of WonderWorld TV Contests and click on each one to hear what you need to submit for your entry. Usually it is a short video or a photo that is required with a fun spin to it. Although these awards are meant to promote your child's self-esteem and to create opportunities for quality time spent between parents and their children, there are actually real prizes to be won, including cash, electronics, and gift cards. This talent contest for kids is open to children worldwide.

If you would like to watch WonderWorld TV with your child, you can find free episodes on . You can also find fun free printables on, which include coloring pages and puzzles.