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Review: Personalized Charm Story Bracelet

There is one week left to shop for Mom for Mother's Day 2009. A silver plated charm bracelet from Things Remembered's Charm Story line would make both an affordable and a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. This mom was lucky enough to receive a bracelet and two personalized charms to review and report back to my readers.

Take a look at what I received . . .

I had selected a Chinese character love charm and the wax seal Mom heart charm. It was extremely difficult to choose because there was such a large selection. Deciding what to have engraved was even more difficult because the possibilities were endless. I finally decided to keep it simple with just my husband's and my name on the love charm and my three children's names on the Mom charm.

What I thought about my charm bracelet from Things Remembered:

1) The bracelet is very modern. Both it and the charms are highly polished and the oval links of the bracelet are large and open.

2) The engraving was pristine. I have purchased engraving at high-priced jewelry stores where the engraver left stray lines on the jewelry, but there was nothing of the sort on either of these charms.

3) The bracelet is a good weight. It definitely is not too light. I am still getting use to having it on my wrist. I think I could comfortably add two or three more charms to it.

4) The charms were larger than I expected. Each one is more the size of a pendant.

5) I love that the charms have spring clasps. It makes it so much easier to add new charms or to take one off to wear on a necklace.

6) Although the one piece charm is still in wonderful condition, the two-piece charm has gained some minor scratches from the Chinese character dangling against the engraved disc.

Having only had this bracelet on my wrist for less than one week, I cannot attest to how well it will hold up over time. I have not taken it off, even to shower, and so far I have not seen any signs of tarnishing even in the areas where the engraving has broken the surface. I think a charm necklace or charm bracelet with at least one charm would make a wonderful gift for any mother or grandmother. This would make gift-giving so much easier in the long run because you could mark each upcoming occasion with a new personalized charm.