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Review: Friendly's Restaurants Sprinkle-Vision

My 5yr old son received a pair of 3-D glasses and a gift card so he could go check out the Sprinkle-Vision fun at our local Friendly's Restaurant. What's Sprinkle-Vision? Well, you take your child to Friendly's where he or she can use 3-D glasses to read the special table tent signs to see special codes which they write down to use on to unlock fun things for the online game.

Now if your child does not have 3-D glasses or if the restaurant has run out of them, you can still read the codes with the special lens attached to the table sign.

The more codes you find the better. Each one will unlock something fun for your child's avatar in the kids online game. When you first arrive to you will have to "Start Mission" by registering your child with a username, password, and the parent's email address. After you activate your child's account, he or she can create an avatar with their choice of face, shirt, pants, and shoes.

Although my 5yr old son enjoyed watching me play the game, it was just a notch above his level. Firstly, there are no recorded instructions, so he would have to be able to read on a 2nd grade level to know how to proceed. Secondly, some of the games had negative consequences, which makes my son too anxious. Thirdly, a lot of the games required better coordination than he has, like being able to switch between 3 or 4 keys quickly or using more than one key at once.

The ultimate goal in playing this game is, through the end of 2009, the more points your child earns correlates directly with how many entries he or she receives into the Friendly's Sweepstakes. The prizes include Free Ice Cream for One Year for 27 kids, a Visit to the Friendly's Ice Cream Factory plus Free Ice Cream for One Year for 3 kids, and then one lucky Grand Prize Winner will get to appear in a Friendly's television commercial, get Free Ice Cream for One Year, a Flip Video Camera, and a $25 iTunes GC.

What Friendly's Restaurants are known for is creating a fun environment. Well, they've managed to succeed in doing that once again with this Sprinkle-Vision campaign. I'm not sure if children would really care about the Sweepstakes prizes, but they definitely would enjoy the online game which, by the way, is not educational, but rather strictly designed for fun and enjoyment. Sprinkle-Vision brings the fun of Friendly's into your home through your computer instead of the usual way . . . through your freezer.