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Review: Dive Olly Dive "The Adventure Begins in the Sea"

Dive Olly Dive: The Adventure Begins in the Sea is the first DVD in the Dive Olly Dive series. My 5yr old son was lucky enough to receive a review copy of this DVD about this charming little yellow submarine's adventures. This disc includes the following five episodes:
Hide and Seaweed
Whale Call
Skid's Stuff
Friends 4ever
Uma Under the Weather

What I thought about this DVD as a parent:

1) When I think about animated underwater series, I think about Spongebob Squarepants, Finding Nemo, and The Snorks (yes, I know I am dating myself). I was thrilled to find that Dive Olly Dive was much more wholesome and appropriate for young children than the Spongebob series.

2) Each episode is only about 10-11 minutes in length. This is perfect for children because of the attention span factor.

3) Even though each episode was short, it does tell a complete story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. I think this is important for children who are learning the art of storytelling.

4) I like that each episode teaches a small lesson about life. For example, in Hide and Seaweed, Olly learns that there are more important things than being famous.

What my 5yr old son thought about this DVD:

1) Dive Olly Dive was able to keep my son's attention without any problems. After watching a couple of episodes, my son could tell me every character's name.

2) Out of the 5 episodes, my son's favorite was Friends 4ever. He said that he liked it so much because there was a race in it, but I think he liked it because it dealt with a real life social situation that he could relate to . . . making friends.

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