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Giveaway & Review: Hotel For Dogs DVD [CLOSED]

Being a family who owns our own little zoo, we were excited to have the chance to review the newly released movie Hotel For Dogs on DVD. After we took our son to see the movie Bolt in the theaters, my 5yr old son had gained a new understanding that dogs had personality, independent thoughts, and feelings. I think this revelation helped him to enjoy Hotel For Dogs to its fullest. Even though these dogs did not speak, he could imagine what they were thinking.

For those who have not had a chance to see this dog flick, it is about two orphaned children, played by Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin, who have been moved around the foster care system quite a bit. They end up in a home where they receive minimal care and zero love. Their only two friends are their social worker, who has made every attempt to place them in a good home, and a cute little dog named Friday. In an attempt to keep their own canine companion safe and out of sight from their foster parents, these siblings inadvertently start the Hotel For Dogs. After saving one dog after another from the animal control officers, the children were forced to be inventive about how to care for these dogs while the were not able to be at the hotel with them.

What I thought about this movie as a parent:

1) I really liked how this movie showed my son how lucky he is to be in a loving home where he is given warm nourishing food, to have a family who wants to spend time with him, and to be on the receiving end of lots of hugs.

2) Hotel For Dogs is rated PG, but I think it is suitable for a 5yr old as well as older children. It covers the topics of teenage romance, but in a very innocent way.

3) The level of inventiveness shows children that being resourceful and thinking outside of the box is a good way to solve problems.

4) For an adult, this movie is very cute, but far-fetched. As with many movies, you must look past this and just enjoy the antics of these lovable dogs.

What my 5yr old son thought about this movie:

1) Because he bawled during the movie Bolt, I asked my son if he felt like crying during the sadder parts of Hotel For Dogs. He told me he did not and I believed him. I think he may be too young to be able to put himself in the children's places and imagine what it would be like to be separated from his own brother and sister.

2) He seemed to enjoy seeing all the different types of dogs, especially some that were Beagles like our own dog.

3) To my surprise, when I asked my son what his favorite part of the movie was, he said it was when one of the children's friends jumped on and knocked over the animal control officer.

Overall, I think Hotel For Dogs is a good family movie, especially if your family includes dogs. A huge part of the appeal of this movie for me was the vast amount of adorable dogs and their silly antics. If you are not an animal-lover, those parts of the movie may be lost on you.

What you can win:
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