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Silly Monkey Stories: A Twin Thing?

The other night, I was working on the computer after the kids had gone to bed. I heard Makenzie start to call me, so I go into the kids' room to check on her. I looked over at Jake and Luke to see if they had been woken up by the noise, but they both appeared to be sound asleep. So I look over at Makenzie and she is pointing to her forehead. That means she wants a kiss from Mommy on that spot. So I go over and give her a kiss on the forehead and fix her blankets for her.

When I was about to make my exit, I heard this squeaking sound. It was coming from Luke. He looked like he was having a dream and was trying to wake himself up. Although he still appeared to be asleep, I see him tap his right cheek with his finger. I was just looking at him curiously trying to figure out if he was awake. Then he tapped his cheek with his finger again. So I went over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. After that there was no more tapping.

So do you think he was awake? They are not identical twins, but they do exhibit an unbelievable sense of knowing what the other wants without it being said. It almost makes me want to do "scientifical" experiments on them while they are sleeping at night. ;P

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