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Review: Sid the Science Kid . . . The Dirt on Dirt

Have you ever met Sid? If you haven't, this is Sid the Science Kid . . . the star of one of PBS Kid's most popular children's shows on television. Sid is a smart little boy and has a very dynamic personality. He loves to learn and makes your children want to learn too.

On the morning of Earth Day (April 22nd, 2009) PBS Kids will be airing a series of shows on the topic of taking care of our earth. This line up includes a special episode of Sid the Science Kid titled "The Dirt on Dirt." My 5yr old son was lucky enough to receive a preview copy of this episode and I was able to watch his reaction to Sid and Sid's friends Gerald, Gabriela, and May.

What impressed me about Sid the Science Kid and the Earth Day episode:

1) I like the hip hop music included in each episode. It's fun and upbeat.

2) The show is written in a way that is easy to understand for preschoolers and kindergartners.

3) This show encourages exploration.

4) Each of the characters is unique.

5) The show portrays school and learning as something that is fun and exciting.

6) This particular episode poses and answers questions, such as "What is in dirt?" and "What do you think the Earth wishes for on its birthday?"

What my 5yr old son thought about this Sid the Science Kid episode:

1) He had a big smile on his face during most of the episode and I heard him laugh out loud several times.

2) My son said his favorite part was when Sid and his mother were exploring dirt on the Internet together. (I guess he really is my son, isn't he?)

3) He also thought it was pretty cool when Sid found a wiggly warm in the dirt.

Although my son has watched Sid the Science Kid in the past, I've never sat down and watch an entire episode with him. I highly recommend this show as something adults and children can enjoy together.