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Review: LemonHead Kidz Non-Slip Headbands & Hair Clips

Our 2yr old daughter inherited my hair type. It is straight and somewhat on the fine side. She is still using infant hair clips and hair bows for the most part. Anything else just seems to slide off her hair eventually. As for soft headbands, the only ones that will stay are the ones that are extremely tight-fitting. For that reason, I try to stay away from headbands for her because I remember how uncomfortable tight headbands were when I was a little girl. So when LemonHead Kidz offered my daughter a chance to try out some of their patent-pending non-slip headbands and hair clips, I welcomed the opportunity to find something new that may work with my daughter's fine straight hair.

What I thought about the LemonHead Kidz Silk Flower Hair Clips:

1) The flower is a good size . . . almost 2" in diameter.

2) There is an extra piece of thick rubbery foam inside the alligator clip, which keeps the hair clip in place nicely. Although this extra piece adds a little bit of weight to the clip, the extra grip makes up for it.

3) The flower appears to be tacked into place on the alligator clip by the metal piece in the center rather than being glued on. This is an especially important feature to me, since my daughter is only two years old.

4) The hair clips are designed to work with the adjustable headbands. The clips stay in place well on the ribbon, just as promised.

What I thought about the LemonHead Kidz Ribbon Headbands:

1) The Bandeez headbands are very lightweight and almost feel like you have nothing on your head at all.

2) The design is simple, but it works. The plastic toggle slides along the ribbon to adjust the size of the headband, therefore making it one size fits all.

3) What keeps the headband from slipping and sliding is the Velcro-like hook strip that is fused to the underside of the ribbon. This is quite clever because it did keep the headband in place on my daughters straight hair even when I did not cinch the headband tightly.

4) I would not recommend this headband for use on children under 3 without very close supervision for three reasons. The first is that the toggle is a choking hazard. The second is that the ribbon is a strangulation hazard. The third is that the Velcro-like strip is approximately 16" long at the center of the headband. If the child's head is on the smaller side, then I would be concerned that the strip would touch the skin behind the child's ears and would be irritating because it is prickly.

5) I like that the ribbon tails hanging down allow my daughter to look pretty and girly without it being impractical.

6) I like that you can use the tails of the headband to tie long hair back into a ponytail while the headband is in place.

7) I also like the versatility of these headbands. In addition to being available in fun prints, they are also made in a wide variety of solid colors. That combined with the fact that you can add a hair clip or two to change the look really adds to the value of this headband for me.

Overall, I am very pleased with both products, especially the LemonHead Bandeez. They sell for between $8 to $10 each, but you only need to buy a couple of basic colors. Then you can change the look with whatever hair clips you already own.

Thank you to LemonHead Kidz and the Family Review Network for this opportunity.