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Review: Bright Star Kids Chalkboard Wall Dots

Since our twins reach toddlerhood, I have been trying to turn a third of our living room into a play area. Santa brought our 5yr old a train/activity table this past Christmas and my parents got him a wall Aqua Doodle. These items were a step in the right direction.

One thing I struggled with was the long bare wall. I thought about hanging just some fun children's artwork, but since we don't have a lot of floor space, I wanted something functional to go on the walls. I put up the Aqua Doodle, but it did not come close to filling up the wall.

When Bright Star Kids of Australia offered me a choice of one of their products to review, I knew that the Chalkboard Dots Wall Graphics were just what the doctor decorator ordered.

These chalkboard dots are available in three different color assortments. The set I received was green and blue, which happened to be the colors I needed. These self-adhesive dots are removable and reusable. You simply apply the colored dots onto the wall and then adhere the black chalk board dots to the colored ones.

Here is what our wall graphics look like on our living room wall. There is still lots of room on either side and above. I might just have to look into getting some fun wall letters. To get a better idea of the endless possibilities for Bright Star Kids wall stickers, visit their wall art gallery.

What my children thought about our chalkboard wall stickers:

1) Both 2yr olds loved experimenting with the various colors of chalk and were clearly proud of the their results.

2) Our 5yr old enjoyed the challenge and novelty of creating art within a circular shape.

3) They all loved that there were at least one circle for each to have his or her own work area.

4) My 5yr old said that his favorite part was being able to wipe them clean himself.

What I thought about these chalkboard dots as a parent:

1) These wall stickers are not only attractive, but they are functional and keep my children occupied for at least a short amount of time.

2) Positioning the stickers on the wall was fairly easy, except it is quite difficult to center the black circles on top of the colored circles.

3) I am glad chalk is easy to clean up. You can expect chalk dust on the floor and hand prints on your wall. Also, if you have younger artists like me, they have trouble staying within the circles despite their efforts.

4) I like that the vinyl stickers are easy to clean. I just use a damp paper towel and they look good as new. You have to wipe around the circles because some chalk residue will get caught along the edges of the stickers. It all comes right off though.

5) I like that the Bright Star Kids website allows you to choose to convert the site to four different major forms of currency so that there is no confusion if you are not located in Australia.

6) Even though the website says to allow 2-3 weeks for orders to arrive in the U.S., my order took less than two weeks to be delivered. The wall stickers arrived in pristine condition.

Overall, I am very pleased with both the ordering process and the product itself. If you would like to try some any of the Bright Star Kids products, you can save 20% off your entire purchase when you use code: FAMILYREVIEW. This offer expires April 25th, 2009 and cannot be combined with the multiple item discounts offered on the website.

Thank you to Bright Star Kids and the Family Review Network for this opportunity.