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A Sad Little Face

A few nights ago, my poor husband had an accident and hurt his toe. He actually severely hurt himself and his nail got ripped right off. OUCH!!! So since then, nobody has been allowed to look at that toe or breathe near it because it was just too painful.

The day after the accident, I enlisted Jake and my husband to help me with a photo shoot for a sunscreen review. My husband was to spray the sunscreen onto Jake's arms and legs while I snapped a few photos. Well, Jake was fooling around and he fell on his father's foot . . . the one we are not allowed to breathe near. I know my husband was in excruciating pain because he had to get up and leave the room. Maybe he didn't want us to see him cry?

Anyways, afterwards I could not get any expression out of Jake other than this one . . .

He was just so sad that he had caused his father so much pain. Both my husband and I knew it was an accident, so we did not reprimand him. He felt all that remorse all on his own and that makes me feel like we did something right. It's these moments that show us how big Jake's heart really is. I felt so sad that he was sad, but I also felt a little proud.