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Mamalicious Monday: Addicted to Siggies

Did I ever tell you that I use to be addicted to siggies? No, not cigarettes . . . signatures! These are the kinds of signatures some people use in forums. Some forums don't allow them because they can make everything look busy and slow down the loading time, but many do.

After I joined my first mommies forum, I started to dabble in making these and blinkies (but that's a whole other addiction). I found it to be very enjoyable and a wonderful creative outlet. Most people usually choose to put use at least one photo of their children. Sometimes some commemorate a special date with a new siggy, like a child's birthday for example. Many people prefer a digiscrapped look, but not me. I use to make a new siggy for myself at least once a week on top of the ones I made for other people. I think I'm down to one every two or three months now.

Blogging is my new addiciton. Since I started blogging, I rarely ever think about replacing my siggy. I guess it's true what they say about how one addiction replaces another.


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