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Celebrity Apprentice: Two Rivers and Two Charities

Are you old enough to remember enjoying the Joan Rivers Show? Well, I am! I use to watch it in the mornings before school everyday.

I don't normally catch The Celebrity Apprentice, but I did manage to watch parts of it Sunday night. When I found out that both Joan and Melissa Rivers were on the show this season, it really peaked my interest. We can thank three children who were unwilling to go to bed for my missing parts of Episode 6.

Did you watch it? What did you think? I personally was rather surprised that some celebrities could know so little about business. Being a celebrity is a business after all, isn't it? Their assignment was to promote the laundry detergent All Small & Mighty in a viral video. In the end, I think Joan was right about her team's video. It totally missed their target audience. Unless you are advertising breast implants, then half-naked large-chested women and a storyline about masturbation are not the way to go for an advertising campaign. Even though neither team's video were particularly good laundry commercials to me, I'm glad Melissa's team won because they all did their parts and came together as a team.

So now that we've covered the "two Rivers" mentioned in my post title, here is where the "two charities" come in. After the show, both Joan and Melissa Rivers made their own viral videos featuring All laundry detergent. All Small & Mighty will donate $0.50 to a charity every time you forward one of the Rivers' videos to somebody you know. If you forward Joan's video "Guess That Stain" then the donation goes to Guide Dogs for the Blind. If you forward Melissa's video "Laundry Fairy" then the 50 cents will go to The Lili Claire Foundation.

Take a minute to watch Melissa's video, then go to to watch Joan's. While you're there you can forward the videos to friends and family to help raise money for both charities. You can also snag a printable coupon for All laundry detergent and enter to win two tickets to the Celebrity Apprentice Finale.