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All Star Buddies . . . A Virtual Game for Children

All Star Buddies (or ASB) is a fun free virtual game for children ages 6 and up that follows in the footsteps of Build-A-Bear's Bearville. It was created by two moms who wanted a safe kid-friendly place for their children to play in this age of online roll-playing games. If you are not familiar with what a roll-playing game entails, it basically allows the player to talk and interact somewhat with other players who are sitting at their own computers. This socializing takes place in a virtual world . . . in the case of ASB, the setting is Varsity Heights.

For my son, his attraction to this game would be:

-Playing games to earn coins and tickets that can be used to purchase virtual prizes
-Meeting other kids
-Being able to play sports well that he is too young to play well in real life
-Being able to choose which sport ball to become and customizing his own character
-Visiting the Sweet Shoppe to eat virtual treats
-Going to the virtual school and learning something new

In addition to printing out the free coloring pages, to help bring the All Star Buddies to life for your child, you can purchase one or all 7 plush All Star Buddies either online or at a local retailer. Each plush buddy comes with a code that unlocks something extra special for your child's character online.

I think this game would keep my child's interest. Although he is only 5yrs old and would not be able to chat well with others quite yet, I know he will enjoy playing the various games and exploring the town. ASB also promises that new activities and places to visit will be added now and then. This is a huge factor in keeping a child's interest. For my son, All Star Buddies would be the perfect first online roll-playing game.