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Some Fun DVDs To Go In This Year's Easter Basket!

Here are some fun ideas to liven up your child's Easter basket this year. These will definitely be nice additions to all the oldies but goodies, like chocolate bunnies and bottles of bubbles.

There are two movies that were released on DVD this week . . . Happily N'Ever After 2 and Care Bears Cheer, There & Everywhere. All three of my children love the Care Bears because there is just something magical about them. If you are like me and you have not seen the original Happily N'Ever After, then you should know that this movie and the newly released sequel are available in a 2-pack for just $29.98 (while they sell separately for $19.98 each). Care Bears Cheer, There & Everywhere retails at a better price of only $14.98.

Some upcoming releases for late spring/early summer are . . .

April 21st - Wolverine And The X-Men: Heroes Return Trilogy

May 12th - 25th Anniversary Edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 7

May 12th - Speed Racer The Next Generation: Comet Run The Movie

May 12th - LeapFrog Letter Factory and LeapFrog Talking Words Factory

I think we already own all the LeapFrog learning DVDs, but my 5yr old son will surely look forward to the new Speed Racer movie. That's what he chose as the theme for his 5th birthday celebration. ;P