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Silly Monkey Stories: Sweets For the Sweet?

Last week, we attended the Special Care Nursery reunion where the twins spent week 3 though week 5 of their lives as preemies. I hope to have a chance to post more about the reunion at another time. Today I wanted to talk about this cookie.

I helped Kenzie decorate this sugar cookie at the reunion. After all 3 kiddos had a decorated cookie, we took them over to a table to enjoy them. Jake ate all the candy off his in a matter of seconds. We had to break Luke's up for him because it was so huge. His had blue frosting and he managed to only get a little bit on his clothes. Kenzie, on the other hand, would not eat any part of the cookie that had frosting on it. I tried to pop a piece in her mouth and she acted like I was trying to make her eat a piece of asparagus rolled in raw liver.

I ended up having to eat all the frosted parts of the cookie and she ate the edges. Ahhh . . . the things a parent has to do for the sake of their child. ;P

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