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Silly Monkey Stories: Fine Dining

After Silly Monkey Stories: Worldless #3, this week's Silly Monkey Story should not come as a surprise to you.

Our 2yr old Makenzie has developed a new routine at breakfast time during the past month or so. She will be halfway done with her breakfast and then she will act like she needs to do a #2. I know she does not really have to go. The reason I know is that if she really does need to go, she will kick and scream and refuse to go near her potty. So, not wanting to ignore her indicating that she needs to sit on the potty, I let her. She sits there for a couple of seconds and then she asks me for her bowl of cereal. Then a couple of minutes later, she asks me for her milk.

She does this almost every morning. On some days, her twin brother will join her for cereal and milk on his potty that is located right next to hers. It's quite a sight.

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