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Review: Oliver's Labels

If you have a child in daycare or preschool, then you probably have been bombarded with the phrase "Label everything!" My son is in his last year of preschool and up until now, I have just labeled everything with a Sharpie, whether it's a coat, a pair of snow boots, or a backpack.

There are a lot of label companies out there, but Oliver's Labels has convinced me to put down my Sharpie and try something new. They sent me a variety of labels to test out. I asked my 5yr old son to help me choose onto what we should put the Original name labels and the mini labels. The first things we thought of were his Disney Mix Max (MP3 player) case and his Leapster 2 carrying case. The reason why these were the logical choices is because Oliver's Labels comes with "Found-it codes" that are the key to their Found-it Tracking System. Each code corresponds with your email address. If the item is found, the person who finds it can alert Oliver's Labels who will then in turn contact you. Your personal information is never given out.

Since my son is required to wear snow boots to school on snowy days, we thought it would be a great idea to use the shoe labels on his sneakers, which have to accompany him to school in his backpack.

The last type of label we tested out were the Stick-eez Clothing Labels. I put one on the inside of my son's new baseball cap before we washed it.

What impressed me about Oliver's Labels:

1) The attractive full-color graphics come in a wide range of designs and colors. My son chose the transportation themed labels.

2) The labels are thin, but durable, therefore adhere smoothly to surfaces.

3) The shoe labels have shown no signs of coming off nor does the color appear to be rubbing off even though I'm sure my son's feet get a little moist while he is active.

4) Although the label on my son's cap got a little wrinkled during its adventure in the washing machine and clothes dryer, it is still as secure as it was when I first applied it.

5) I like that the optional Found-it System is free.

6) Although nobody in my family needs them, Oliver's Labels offers labels to warn against certain foods to prevent allergic reactions.

Overall, I am very pleased with the variety of labels I have been able to test out. Please keep in mind that we have only had these labels in our household for a few weeks, so I cannot attest to how well the color and the adhesive will hold up over a long period of time.