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Review: "eenamaria" Designer Bags

I recently had the chance to review a bag of my choice from the current eenamaria line of retro bags and totes. This could not have come at a better time. When the twins joined our family two years ago, we were still able to manage with our old diaper bag for all 3 children. Now two years later, the twins' clothing is no longer tiny and the amount of extra things we have to carry seemed to have more than tripled.

The bag I chose was the eenamaria I Mean Bizniss Travel Tote which retails for $69.00. This bag comes in five colors, but each of the colors has a different colorblock pattern. I thought the blue was very striking, plus I am a big fan of symmetry when it comes to geometric patterns.

What impressed me about my eenamaria designer travel tote bag . . .

1) The workmanship was very clean. The stitching was straight. There were no blemishes like residue from adhesive. There were no scratches anywhere on the glossy surface. The only thing I could see was tiny little wisps on the edges of the white patent leather trim, which do not detract from the look of the bag at all.

2) This bag is a generous 19.5" x 17" x 7", which is why I picked it. In addition to what our now retired diaper bag use to hold, this bag was able to hold the following with room to spare:

-3 children's hoodies
-a complete change of clothes for 2 toddlers
-3 coloring books plus crayons
-2 or 3 small toys

3) There are many pockets for organization. There are full length zippered pockets on the front and the back exterior of the bag. These are great for work documents, magazines, or in my case coloring books. There is a room zippered pocket on one interior wall as well. Since I have converted this fashion-forward travel tote into a designer diaper bag, one of the features I cannot live without are the pockets on either end for sippy cups and water bottles.

4) The detachable should strap is not adjustable, but it happens to be the perfect length for someone like me who prefers the bag to be close to the body and not swinging around uncontrollably.

5) This bag has the look of patent leather, but is really made of nylon. I expect it to wipe clean easily.

In summary, this bag is not for the wallflower. It is bold, fashion-forward, and is meant to be noticed. It makes me wish I still had my white patent leather go go boots from the 90's. They hurt my feet terribly, but they would have looked perfect with this bag.

The eenamaria line currently includes clutches/purses, totes, and weekenders and can be found on . The creator Sarah Morgan will be making her debut on QVC in early spring '09. I can't wait to see what new styles there will be for spring and summer!

Thank you to the Family Review Network for this opportunity.