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Review: Clean + Green All-Natural Pet Cleaner

When SeaYu Enterprises contacted me about trying out their CLEAN + green Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, I thought to myself, "Boy did they contact the right blogger for this!" We have a 15yr old Beagle plus four cats. Although the cats have accidents once in awhile, the main problem is our poor elderly dog. I know he cannot help it, but I have to clean up messes from him at least once a day, whether it's on the floor, the carpet, or the sofa.

Below is an example of a stain from dog vomit. I believe this happened during the night. By the time I found it in the morning, it was already dry. I even let it sit until afternoon just so I could give this all-natural carpet cleaner a real test. The things I do for the sake of a thorough review, huh?

As you can see, the stain is pretty apparent and there may even be some tiny bits in there. YUM! So, I sprayed the CLEAN + green onto the stain as directed. I made it moist, but not soaked, and covered an area that was larger than the actual stain in case the stain had soaked through the carpet and started to spread underneath. There was no scrubbing or rinsing involved. I was just to spray the area and allow it to dry.

After the first try, the stain seemed to lighten, but did not come close to disappearing. The results below shows the stained area after two applications with still no scrubbing . . .

I think the results are pretty good. I can still see traces of the stain, but I think another application would take care of that. This stain was at least 12 hours old, so I have no doubt that this carpet and upholstery cleaner will get out a stain that is found right away.

A few other thoughts about the CLEAN + green Petrotech Odor Eliminator:

1) Unlike the cleaner I normally use, this product almost has no odor at all.
2) It appeared to eliminate the odor caused by the stain. I wish I could spray it on everything in my house. I guess that means I need to pick up some of the Wood & Tile Cleaner too.
3) It is not quick drying. It has been two hours since I applied the spray and that spot on the carpet is still visibly wet.
4) Since it is all-natural with no harsh chemicals, this cleaner is safe for my children and pets.

If you want to take another step closer to living green and would like to try this product, you can either order directly from or find it at a local pet supply retailer, such as Petco.